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Hole in Muffler

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant with a hole in the muffler. It is going to be costly to replace this.

Is their a muffler repair kit that anyone can recommend. If I use a repair kit, will the car pass NYS inspection.


Just buy a new muffler. They aren’t particularly expensive…I’ve seen cheap ones at parts stores for around $50. If you try welding a muffler that’s already rusted through, you’ll be doing this every year, probably, as the rust spreads.

The old muffler will need to be cut off, and the new one welded or clamped into position. You’ll want to check the exhaust hangers while you’re at it. If you have the tools, this is a DIY job; if you don’t, it isn’t.

Here’s one online that will bolt-in, no welding required. About $118 w/o shipping. Uses the stock bolt-together couplers:,carcode,1399013,parttype,5872

If you have a good independent exhaust shop in your locality, this may be the easiest and least expensive way out. I once replaced a muffler on my 1978 Oldsmobile. I bought the muffler at NAPA and worked two hours to break loose rusty bolts. The next time I needed a muffler, I was in a hurry, so I went to an independent muffler shop. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes and the cost was less than I paid for a muffler at NAPA.

I’m with Triedaq on this one. I hate muffler and exhaust work so I let my local independent muffler shop handle all my exhaust issues. He also gives me a price break because I recommend him to friends and family when they have muffler or exhaust problems.