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Camry 2001 - evaporative purge solenoid & vent valve

Check engine light came on and computer diagnosis said evaporative purge solenoid and vent valve need replacing. What happens if they’re not replaced? Mechanic wants to replace them for $280.00 plus tax.

If your state has periodic inspections for vehicle emissions, your car would likely not pass the inspection if this is not fixed. Also, you may wind up with difficulty in filling the gas tank if it is not fixed.

When you do fill up the gas tank it may be difficult to start the engine as well.

I think you need to check this out more before spending $$$.
Light come on,repair guy get a code or 2. like p005. it tells you what AREA trouble is not what to replace.
Purge solenoid has wires to and from, are they ok. what about connections?
Vent valve has hoses and not sure about wires, are hoses plugged,cracked?
Ask repair guy if he checked these things and why parts went bad.
I just do not want you to get caught with repair guy throwing parts at it to fix.