EVAP code P2450

I have a 2013 Beetle 2.0 turbo and my engine light came on not too long ago. The code is reading P2450 evap switching valve stuck open. Is this a “need to get fixed NOW” kind of thing? I have seen no issues in performance or gas mileage. Fueling up goes fine. No starting issues. Seemingly asymptomatic aside from the check engine light being on. I did have to put a PCV valve on a few hundred miles ago. I’m hoping someone here can shed some light on this P2450 code for me. Thanks in advance.

It is a code that relates to your emission system. It might be caused by a loose or faulty gas cap (just on VWs) but more likely the evap valve needs replacing.

It is not critical to the car’s function but you will not pass an emission test if your state requires it. It can wait until your regular service.

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