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EVAP problem on '06 Scion xA

My check engine light had been on for a bit, and I took it to AutoZone to pull the code. Five came up: P043E, P2401, P2402, P2419, and P043F. All of these have to do with the emissions system. I looked for “easy” problems–the gas cap is on, I don’t see any visible problems with the hoses, and I never top off on fuel. It’s starting to look like I might have to replace the charcoal canister, which is going to be pretty pricey.

My question–besides letting out more emissions, will it hurt to continue to drive my car without getting this fixed right away? If so, for how long?

I would have to be able to relate the number to a code description too really be sure what to say but none of my books recognize those codes. Generaly damage happens to a component like the catalytic converter when you drive on with a misfire (not shown) or contamination of the cat. with a substance, but these codes are “Greek to me”.

P2404 EVAP leak detection pump control circuit high
P2401 EVAP leak detection pump control circuit low (kinda contradicts that first one)
P2419 EVAP system switching valve control circuit low
P043F EVAP emission system reference orifice high flow
P043E EVAP emission system reference orifice clog up

The probable causes on the print out AutoZone gave me list causes such as poor electrical connection, EVAP system leak, and pump module fault, but I found this technical service bulletin ( which states that these five codes in combo spell big trouble in my Scion.

Hope this helps . . . really not sure what to do here.