2003 Honda Accord - P2422 Code

I am new to doing my own car repairs and also to this forum for this specific question. My 2003 Honda Accord has a P2422 code which is the EVAP canister vent valve stuck open. I know where to locate the canister (rear driver’s side under the car). I went to two mechanics to get the part# and/or how much it costs and they want to do “diagnostics” first. As far as I understand with EVAP leak type stuff that means running CO2 through the system and wasting my time and money. When I google 2003 Honda Accord shutoff valve I get a $200 piece that looks similar but not the same to the shutoff valve in videos/google images coming off the EVAP canister. All videos I have seen state the part should only be $30-$50 so I am sure Advance Auto Parts and Amazon aren’t finding the right part. Can anyone help with what I might be missing when looking for this part for a P2422 code?

Not necessarily… it could also be poor electrical connections or damaged wiring harness.

Which is why;

And why should they give you the part number so you can do the work?

Nope, it is confirming the repair needed. Wasting time and money would be throwing parts at it that don’t fix the problem. The code is a clue to the cause, not an absolute answer.

It is a very simple task to locate the correct part (RockAuto shows 2 versions, one at $158 and one at $93) Part prices vary based on who made it. Don’t buy cheap. You buy parts by the year, make, model, engine size (which you don’t say). You don’t buy the part based on its picture on the web-site as it may not be exactly correct.

If you want to do this repair and don’t mind spending $158 and possibly not fixing the problem, go right ahead. It will be a learning experience one way or another. Good Luck.


You asked two places to look up a part number and expected that for free ?
As for the diagnostic fee , that is normal and that lets the shop actually repair or replace what needs to be done.

I don’t know if Honda offers this, but some manufacturers’ parts sites allow you to look up parts by entering your VIN.