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2003 Civic P1457

Could use some advice on my daughter in laws Honda Civic, 2003, around 180k miles. Code P1457 is showing, no drive ability problems. Everything seems to point to the evap canister valve as a common problem. Before I crawl under next weekend and start replacing parts, does anyone have any experience with this vintage Civic and can endorse or denounce my plan? As usual thanks much for the help.

That is an Evap Code…specifically P1457 - Unable To Pull Vacuum in Tank

Some of these can be “fun” to sort out. Here is what I would do… Clear the code and see if it returns

This is caused by either a bad Evaporator Solinoid and or a Cracked vacume line on the evap canister.

Oftentimes its a rubber hose associated with the canister…could be any of the rubber lines near that canister or the solenoid itself. But i would simply clear the code to see if it is a concrete failure and not something induced by filling up with fuel.

If you dont have a scanner just disconnect the batt for a couple min…and reconnect…then see what you get…its safe to drive…no biggie really. You may not need to repair anything at all.

Worst case scenario would be a rubber line or the evap solenoid. The hard part is locating the cracked or failed rubber line…


Honda has issued a TSB for DTC P1457.


Remember, too, that if you disconnect the battery, the radio will need its reset code entered for it function, and that station presets and the clock will be erased

Thanks for the input, we have reset the codes a few times and while the time varies it always comes back. If time permits we will tackle this, we also have a Jeep with a starter/wiring problem that is working with a Rube Goldberg work around, but is a higher priority. I will be traveling out of town to help work on these.

I know Rube…hes an interesting guy actually…