Celica Emission problems

Can someone tell me what computer code a 2000 Celica would give a person if the charcoal canister is flooded with gas?
What if the canister has a leak?



What codes are you throwing?

EVAP codes are typivcally 0420 to about 0470 or so, but the code is just the beginning of the process. And, frankly, you can have a saturated charcoal bed and not throw a code until the pump becomes weak from overwork, and then the code will be more related to msifiring due to the lack of the ability of the pump to maintain pressure against the vacuum of the tank’s airspace.

The charcoal canister should never be flooded with gas. It was designed for gas fumes only. If it’s flooded with gas then you have overfilled your gas tank on occasion. When the automatic gas nozzle shuts off then remove the nozzle to prevent gas from spilling over into the charcoal canister.

Agreed, Missileman.

So, OneWheel, what codes are you seeing???
What operating symptoms (if any) are you experiencing???

There is no code for “Charcoal canister is flooded with gas”…How about P0440 and P0441??