Eurovan front end noise

I replaced the original 15" wheels on my 1999 VW Eurovan camper with 16" wheels/tires. Also redid the struts etc. After a few thousand miles I started hearing and feeling a slight vibration with right turns at speeds over 40 mph and only under acceleration. It is quiet when coasting or not under acceleration. Sounds like a low decibel rumble strip. Total miles on the van are 85K. Any ideas as to cause? Thanks.

I have the same problem, 2003 Eurovan MV. When accelerating and turning to the right, I feel and hear a vibration coming from the front end. It is more pronounced when going uphill, or putting a load on the engine. I can feel it through the steering wheel. The sound is not a grinding or rattle, but a vibration.

The local VW shop is stumped. I have seen other online posts that reference similar problems, but no answers about the cause. Could it be a differential problem?

Any help out there?