Euro power steering fluid fca


I have a 2016 ram promaster city cargo.

This design is based on a European mini work van called the Fiat Doblo. This is an FCA product.

I want to top up the power steering fluid but the local parts stores don’t list a compatible fluid.

The cap says use MS-11655 p/n 05127381AB or equiv.

A few web sites hint that many FCA vehicles now use a yellow / green European power steering fluid. The fluid looks clear with a yellow green tint. I see a Prestone synthetic European power steering fluid on the shelf at autozone but there are no spec numbers on the label.

Is it the same stuff or should I bite the bullet at the dealer’s parts dept?


Dealer , that way they will give you the correct stuff or the correct substitute . Problem solved.

This statement makes me wonder why it would need to be topped up… are you losing fluid?

And yes, I’d just bite bullet and get the factory stuff. it is PS fluid, if it IS really expensive at the dealer, that might be a reason TO use it.

Just for reference, my Ford dealer sells the Motorcraft Mercon LV trans fluid I need for 40 cents less a quart than O’Reily’s. The dealer isn’t always the high cost source.


I did some more digging after reading the replies.

Pentosin website shows CHF 11s meets the MS-11655 standard. It’s on many part store shelves.

Prestone website shows AS268Y European synthetic is compatible with Pentosin CHF 11S. It’s available almost everywhere.

Dealer would be two long trips and $25 / qt, the alternatives above are nearby on the shelf, small bottle of prestone $7.

The level is near the lower line and the first time I’ve looked at it. The dealer handled it on the 6 mo. intervals until recently.

Now that the warranty is out I plan on cycling fluid through the resovoir every 2-3 years…basically empty it with a chemical syringe, refill, do some figure eights, check, and repeat three saturdays.

So no drips or leaks that I am aware of, just a little on the low side, plus time to exercise an old technique that many have used to keep fluids fresh.

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