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Can't find my power steering fluid

According to my manual i am to use PSF-III for my 2002 Kia Sedona. Yet I can’t seem to find that type anywhere in my area. I need to add some to my van and wondered what can I do?

Most dealers use transmission fluid to top up the power steering. My Nissan dealer does not stock any and uses the same fluid as in the Nissan transmissions.

Having said that, you should go to the dealer’s parts department and ask for the fluid specified. It is likely your dealer uses transmission fluid.

Dexron III or Mercon III, both transmission fluids, are often used as poer steering fluid.

The stuff is not expensive and just buy a can the dealer uses.

The only car that has a very speific need is a Honda, and they have their own spec.

Your Kia probably uses the same fluid as my 02 Sonata & as of 2 years ago the only place i could find the stuff was at the Hyundai dealer.

If your Kia dealer wont sell it to you, check at a Hyundai dealer & see if they sell the same stuff.