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Power Steering Fluid Confusion for 2007 Kia Optima

Hi all, I am a college student who is trying to live frugally. As such, I am in the process of trying to flush the power steering fluid in my 2007 Optima myself. The manual says to use PSF 4, but I am having a great deal of difficulty finding anything with that labeling in my local auto part stores. I’ve been told it doesn’t really matter and that regular ATF fluid even works fine, and I’ve been told that there are differences and it is critical that I get the right stuff. I would rather play it safe. I have seen Prestone PSF that is labeled “for Asian vehicles” and looks reasonably priced, but I thought I would get the opinion of people with more knowledge first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

First , why do you think that you need to do this ? Second what are you going to do with the old fluid . A flush requires a machine , you may mean drain a fill.

I had some work done by a mechanic and was told by him that the PSF was black and should be changed. As for disposal, there is a transfer station in my town that will take it for a fee. A drain and fill is what I meant.

Have you checked the price at the dealer? It might be a bit higher, but you know you’re getting the correct fluid.

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I was finally able to find a dealer near me that carried some, thanks!

I had the same trouble with my Nissan. Looked for topping up fluid at the dealer and was told they use transmission fluid!!! Sold me a quart of transmission fluid meeting Nissan spec and lived happily ever after.