Escapes got no camber...?

Was told 2005 Escapes have no camber adjustment–this comes from a reputable tire sales emporium. Is this true, or is something wrong here? Thanks

If you do some more research, or if you go to a reputable front-end shop, I believe you will find that a “kit” (shims and possibly some other little parts) is needed for rear camber adjustment on your Escape. This runs into a few more bucks for the rear alignment, but it is worth it in terms of improving tire tread life and handing qualities.

Thanks for the info. I called my Ford dealer just after I posted here, and they concur. It’s apparently because Escapes came with camber preset, which over time, and encounters with potholes and the like, can skew things a bit. Most times, as is the case with my Escape, camber is off so slightly it doesn’t make sense to alter anything. Instead, regular rotation is prescribed. But if camber is seriously off, then the cure costs around 300 bucks or so, according to my Dealer, who installs something like this ( ) to facilitate the adjustment.