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2013 Ford Expedition Wheel Alignment


  1. I went to a tire shop for wheel alignment on my 2013 Expedition and the guy just adjusted the toe, he said the Camber and Caster are complicated to adjust and don’t need to.

Is it really as he says?
How are camber and caster aligned?

I’m travelling in a day or two, so is it safe to drive?

  1. I had my Shock absorbers replaced on 2013 Ford Expedition, the question is: do the bolts opened in the process need any kind of sealant/loctite?

Will really appreciate your answers

You are looking for problems where there are none. Relax and drive on.
Edit: Why did you not ask these questions of the shop that did the work?

On many vehicles it’s more likely to have a toe problem than a camber or caster problem. On my Ford truck for example the camber and caster I believe are built into the design of the parts and can’t easily be adjusted, but the toe can be, and is a simple adjustment. The camber and caster can be measured however. If you’re concerned, ask your alignment shop to verify they measure within spec.