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Escape "thumps"

I have a 2002 Ford Escape V6 auto transmission with 91,000 miles. When it shifts it is a bit rough. I don’t remember this always being there but maybe it was and is just a bit more noticeable. I have been told this is a Volvo transmission. I pull a trailer with an ATV occasionnally but the the thump is the same with or without the trailer. Thanks for any help in diagnosing this!


I can count about 10 things off the top my head that will “thump.” Can you describe the problem better? Is the thump always associated with shifting, for instance?

When this happened to me I was told by my local independent trans shop it could be a worn pressure solenoid.

He dropped the pan, drained the fluid and changed the filter, refilled it and the harsh shift disappeared. (some vehicle trannies don’t use filters, but use a screen instead)

For about 2k miles. It wouldn’t clunk after sitting parked for a short time, but then it would shift harshly periodically.

It hasn’t done it since last June, but I change the tranny fluid/filter every 30k miles anyway.