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Escape Hybrid Braking System

Has anyone had a problem with the Escape Hybrid braking system? Recently my ABS warning light came on along with a “Service Braking System” message. I toook it to my dealer where they informed me I needed to replace the master cylinder. $1700 and 2 weeks later the exact same issue occurred. One insteresting point is that when the lights come on and the brakes are not 100% responsive, I can turn the car off, wait 10 to 20 seconds, restart the car and everything is fine for a time. By that I mean, the first time this occurred I was driving between Denver and Dallas. After stopping the car I made it the rest of the way without incident. On my way to the dealer the next morning it happened twice. Since the repair it occurred twice on my way to the airport in a 50 mile drive. When the light comes on I can downshift to slow down then use the brakes to stop the car under 30 mph.