2008 Ford Escape Hybrid brake problems

Hey all so I’ve been having this recurring problem with my brakes where my abs light and check brake light turn on and off in between uses. For instance they’ll be off for a couple days and the brakes work fine and then they’re on again randomly when I turn the car on. When the lights are on it resorts to mechanical brakes only and i can feel a difference when I’m driving the car. Its hard to explain but it sort of shakes and feels like its working against something and then something gives and it feels fine again yet the brakes stay on. When I research the issue I see all these posts about $5000 quotes to replace the HCU and that sounds awful and terrifying since I paid $6500 for the car. If any one has any idea or advice for a cheaper alternative or what the problem may be it would be much appreciated.

Anytime a brake warning light remains “on” you need to take care of this matter ASAP. A brake fluid leaks,low brake fluid level,hydraulic malfonction are some of the cause of this light to turn “on”.

We have seen reports of strange things happening when the starter battery is going bad. Get a free check at an auto parts store.