2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

my daughter’s new Altima has 3,500 miles on it, and the anti-lock braking system locked up! It took the dealer 2 weeks to figure out how to fix it. Should she be concerned about repeated problems with ABS?

Not if the dealer fixed it properly.

2 weeks? Perhaps had to order parts?

The ABS should be the same as any other, regardless of it being a hybrid vehicle. Yes?

The braking system does differ a bit since some the braking that occurs is not only done by the standard far calipers and disks etc but the generator producing power to charge the hybrid batteries. Just a guess, but maybe just algorithms in the ABS computer related to this different system.

There isn’t much she can do except keep an eye on it. She can’t stop driving the car. If the problem recurs, take it back. Unfortunately, warranty repairs need to be done by the dealership she bought the car from. While they could be done at another dealer, the car will only be serviced after paying customers and warranty repairs to cars they sold are done. That could mean a lengthy delay.

One more thing. Keep good records and save all correspondence (like receipts or diagnostic reports) with the dealer. The car might eventually be a lemon, and she needs to have a paper trail for Nissan to follow. Please note - I did not say this car is a lemon, just that it might require sufficient repeat work that it will become one.