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2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid - ABS Brake and Stability

ABS, brake and stability control lights are on, what can be the reason and how do I solve such problem

Those lights are all linked, one part in one system triggers all three.
The most cost effective way to find out the reason and to solve the problem is have your car diagnosed by a professional mechanic. Diagnosis will most likely be in the $100-150 range. Some shops will waive the diagnosis fee if they perform the repair.

Thank you.

BTW, mine was caused by a wheel speed sensor, part of the ABS.

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Okay… please is it normal for the p/s light to on when the ignition is opened and goes off when the engine?

That I do not know. You are dealing with an old hybrid.
If you haven’t had the battery pack replaced, it too might be failing.

I presume you’re not talking about the way all the warning indicators come on briefly when you first start the car. Do you mean the light remains lit? Just a guess but that’s probably connected with the other symptoms.