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Escalade still the favorite of thieves

if you own the truck version of the Escalade, 14 out of every 1000 are reported stolen.
The list in the press release shows it’s mostly large trucks. Property theft is included in the ranking, so I imagine that catalytic converter thefts on these vehicles are one of the higher causes of theft claims.

old video showing how easy it is to steal an escalade:

I don’t think I would be accepted into the Brotherhood of Automobile Thieves union because an Escalade is the last vehicle I would want to steal. I think a Mazda Miata would top my list. In fact, I think I would rather track down the 1954 Pontiac in another post and steal that car.

I find the absence of the Civic SI from that list to be shocking.

the MUGEN version maybe. Remember reading awhile back that thieves came in the night at one dealership and stripped the wheels off, leaving the car sit on the brake rotors, took the badges and shift knob while it sat on the lot