Error P1443, but what the hell is the name of the part?

Yeah, the 2001 Subaru again. This time it’s a CEL that’s throwing a P1443 error on my reader, MOD $E1 Purge Control Valve 2.

Based on what I’ve been googling, I probably have to replace a valve on the evaporative emissions system, but I can’t figure out if these are all the same part: the code reader calls it a “purge control valve”, but looking at auto parts store websites I’ve seen “purge valve”, “vapor canister vent solenoid”, “vapor canister purge solenoid”. A couple other iterations, but basically it looks like there are two pieces that attach to the charcoal canister, it could be either of them, and since one costs $60-80 and the other costs $100-120 I don’t really want to waste money buying the wrong one.

Any ideas?

The purge control valve/purge valve has a hose going to the canister and one to the engine intake manifold (vacuum source).
To test disconnect the hose to the canister and electrical connector to the valve.
Check for electrical continuity with a test light or ohmmeter (~100 ohms or so)
Start the engine.
There should be no suction at the hose.
Apply 12V to the valve. It should click and provide suction to the hose.
No click and vacuum it’s stuck.

Subaru DTC P1443 refers to the vent/valve control solenoid.

The vent/valve control solenoid allows the gas tank to vent when refueling and as the gas is being drawn from the gas tank. This solenoid is normally open. The only time this solenoid closes is when the EVAP system performs its self test for leaks.,2001,forester,2.5l+h4,1368727,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+vent+valve+/+solenoid,16992


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That’s what I needed to know, thanks.

I changed the canister solenoid and the manifold solenoid, still have code. That means line probably has crack

The service data I’m seeing refers to a a “drain valve” for that code . It appears to be connected by hoses to the canister on one side, and to some sort of small air filter on the other side. As Tester says above, the primary (or possibly only) use is that it closes during the ecm’s occasional evap system testing.

Absent other codes, most likely the cause is either the valve itself or its electrical connector is faulty or one of the hoses associate w/ it (or the filter) is clogged.

Tester got it. Found the part for fifty bucks on Amazon, replaced it, cleared the code, hasn’t come back. Thanks guys.

Thanks for getting back here and sharing your happy result!