P1443 Code

I had a P1443 Code pop up on my 2004 Subaru Forester a while back. I looked up the code, and it pointed towards the EVAP solenoid. While replacing that I noticed that the charcoal filter down there was falling apart, so I replaced that too. The code is still popping up though. A little online research pointed towards the possibility of the ORVR valve needing replaced.
Apparently, some charcoal bits could get lodged in it. Now I’m trying to figure out where this ORVR valve is, how to replace it, and just where to purchase one. Any help would be appreciated.

The code indicates a problem with the vapor canister vent valve.




That is the EVAP solenoid that has been replaced.

Then look for restricted hoses.


The hoses have all been cleared of charcoal and other debris.

Then you start looking at the wiring.



I don’t think it’s the wiring. Doing a check on all the solenoids in the car shows that it is indeed opening and closing. I still think it’s the ORVR valve. After filling up the gas tank, the first time I turn the car on the engine will stutter a bit. It looks like it does this because of the ORVR valve being stuck open or malfunctioning. I just can’t seem to find where it is exactly and where to buy one.

Probably inside your gas tank

The vapor canister vent valve is part of the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

The vent valve allows the fuel tank to vent as gas is being added to the fuel tank. If this wasn’t done, gas would shoot out of the fill tube from the pressure produced. The vent valve also allows air into the canister/fuel tank when the purge valve opens so the gas vapors can be drawn into the engine and burned.

The vent valve is normally open. The only time the vent valve closes is when the EVAP system does its self-test for leaks.



I have to say, I always wanted a better understanding of what this system does and how and now I feel like I know. Thanks @Tester!

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Good schematic @Tester! I just was forced to learn about this system on my truck to make the pesky CEL go away. My system has the EVAP pressure sensor on the gas tank in the fuel pump and level sender assembly. Cheap sensor that’s difficult to replace unless you’ve already cut a hole to access it!

Since that valve is open in normal use, and only closed during ecm pressure testing of the evap system, I’m guessing the problem is that it isn’t open, or not fully open in normal use. If the problem was that it wasn’t closing, the ecm would have no way to know if it was that particular valve that was the problem or something else, like the purge valve was leaking a little when closed or even the fuel cap. Suggest to find that valve – follow the tube from the evap canister, eventually you’ll find it. Now remove it and blow some compressed air through it to make sure it is fully open. I expect is it partially clogged with debris from the prior failed canister.

try checking your purge valve. the EVAP stuff is a common issue with the subaru engines that have the h4.

Check the vapor canister, purge valve, solenoids, o2 sensors, etc.

it sounds stupid… butttttt try clearing the code, and see how long it takes for the code to come back - and if it comes back with a different code . can almsot guarantee itll pull another code lol.