ERR 4 code on CD player

Can anyone help me trouble shoot the ERR 4 message on my Lexus’s CD player. The dealership replied back with a general email saying that the CD player should be replaced for a whooping $550 plus labor…

If the CD player no longer works your best bet is to check with and replace your CD player. You can probably get an upgraded one at a lot lower price that will plug right in. Having a radio or CD player fixed is no longer viable due to the cost.

Without knowing what Lexus you drive, and what year it is, and any information about optional stereo upgrades, we can’t possibly know what stereo we’re talking about, and so we can’t tell you what the error code means.

I am guessing you have the cd changer that is part of the radio. This was a common issue, the CD player mechanism jams up. Ask around and see if you can find a local repair shop, if memory serves me correctly it was about $150 to have the head unit repaired.