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Equinox ABS code reader

should i buy a code reader for abs? $40. its new but older
actron cp9449. says it will work on most cars from 1995-2005
it says it will work on 05 equinox. i have an 06
their customer support said it might work. might not
rock auto says my abs module is same for 05-06.
tech said GM protocol might have changed in 06 even though i have an 05-06 module
sure would like to find out what my abs light is on for

The first generation Equinox was built for MY 2005-2009. It’s a good bet that’s most of the parts were the same during that time period, especially at the beginning of the generation. Maybe you could rent or borrow an ABS code reader from an auto parts store.

got code reader. i have code C0051. RR sensor circuit. i have new LR wheelbearing. which is life i guess. but it had noise issue. but new wheel bearing also has new sensor. but, my red brake light is also on. fluid level is ok.

Do you still have the old LR bearing assembly? Take the ABS sensor out of it and transfer to the RR.

LR bearing came off without too much grief but the sensor separated when i tried to pull it out of the steel housing.