ABS Brake Ligt

My 06 Ford Escape’s ABS light is on and I tried using my Actron OBDII auto scanner to read the codes but I keep getting a communication error on the scanner. I tried the scanner in my other vehicles and it works fine. Do I have 2 problems or are they both related?

I think you have two problems. The ABS controller is not accessed through the ODB-II port. It has it’s own port the ODB-II scanner will not hook to. Also, my 2000 Ford Explorer has a fuse that protects the ODB-II port’s power circuit. If that fuse is blown, my Innova ODB-II code reader will not connect.

Does your scanner support ABS diagnostics? Most don’t unless you spend some real money on the scanner.

Also, your 06 vehicle uses CAN protocol. Does the scanner you’re using support CAN communication? And what are the years of the other vehicles?

You first need to take the vehicle to someone who can connect a scanner to pull the codes for the ABS.


Is this fuse locate under the hood or under the dash? Also this is my first time for me to troubleshoot an ABS problem. Do you know what the ohm reading is for Ford’s wheel sensors? Where is the port located to plug into and can I get this scanner at any auto parts store?

I don’t see anything in the manual that states anything about ABS or CAN communication.

The other vehicles are 2000 astro and 2001 Focus,

The 2000 and 2001 vehicles don’t use CAN communication protocol. That’s why your scanner works with them. But the 2006 vehicle does use CAN, and your scanner doesn’t support CAN communication. And that’s why you’re getting the communication error on the scanner.


Do you know where the communication port is located for retrieving the ABS codes on an 06 Escape? My Haynes manual does not show it.