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Engline Mount

Boy o Boy…I have a 2005 neon dodge. Car started having a strange vibration in the front when on drive. No vibration on N or R. Took it to check. Mechanic said the car had been in an accident. $250 to pul the right side forward, but he said the center engine mount needed to be changed. Vibration continued. Took it to another guy. Changed two engin mounts but not the center one. Guy wants $570 total to change the top and bottom mounts but CANT GUARNTEE VIBTATION WILL STOP. Asked the first guy if I could drive like this. He said no problem. It will not be an issue. Guy that has the car now says it may ruin the car. What do I o? I cant spend anymore money right now

I would say that a 2005 Neon is worth the cost of an engine mount.

You say you can’t spend the money right now. I suggest you don’t have a choice.

I’d try yet another mechanic. For one thing, it’s far from clear that the problem is engine mounts. Also, I have some doubts that changing engine mounts in a Neon is a $570 job. It could be that much, but I changed the front (center) engine mount a 95 once (it wasn’t vibrating BTW just making a loud thunk on some bumps). The job was pretty trivial. A 2005 may be different, and I’m not sure the other mounts are that easy. But I think it’d be worth getting another opinion.