Engine won't turn over after replacing battery

Car was turning over slow, so I replaced the battery. Now I get nothing?? Before replacing the battery, it started but sounded as if it was off timing. Ran fine when started. Car info: 2001 Infinity I30t


Though one would assume a new battery is strong, the first thing to do, if you can get your hands on even a cheap little meter, is check the voltage on the battery. It should be well over 12.6 volts.

Since this sounds like a cable problem, then measure the voltage at some convenient point such as the cigarette lighter when you have the key turned to start.

Not all cable corrosion is visibly corrosion.

If the battery and cables are good, then you need further help.

“. . . it started but sounded as if it was off timing. Ran fine when started.”

Which is it?

Do the lights work? It sounds like your new battery is not connected properly. Check the cables and the ground connections.

reading 12.9 volts

sorry, the last time it started it turned over “slow” maybe that’s what made me think of the timimg.

lights are working. Could it be the starter? Because when turning over it clicks once then I hear a slight humming sound.

New batteries are seldom fully charged when you get them. It may need to be fully charged. While the voltage reading may be OK without load it still may be a low battery and it may well be contacts. I suggest removing and cleaning both ends of every battery cable.

I am still rather confused by the descriptions you have given. Could you try one more time to provide a comprehensive description of the history of this issue. Try to be very precise and keep things in chronological order.

The cable between the battery and the starter solenoid may have a bad connection or is corrodid internally. I suggest you check the voltage on the main cable at the solenoid while trying to crank the engine. If the voltage is below 10 volts and the starter isn’t running then the cable may be bad. Make sure the voltage at the battery is above 12 volts also while do ing this.

What is the voltage at the battery while trying to crank the engine?

Did you have the battery checked out before replacing it? I replaced my starter last Fall, after it refused to turn the engine. I have a manual, so I could still bump start it. I had the battery checked out, and it was fine. The car would not even start with a jump. The starter motor just got too weak to turn the engine over. I replaced it, and all is fine.

So just jump start the battery (with another vehicle or a portable “quick-start”) and see if/how it runs. My bet is on dirty cables or terminals on the cables. Did you clean the inside of the cable ends before installing the new battery? Gotta be copper color (the cable ends which go on the battery posts) before you button it back up. Good luck! Rocketman

Your old batterey might have been fine.