1999 Windstar 3.8 L wont turn over

We put a new battery and starter in it and it still wont turn over it just clicks. please help???

If the battery shows 12.6V on a meter then it’s fully charged.
The clicking sound usually means either a low battery or bad/dirty cable connections at the battery or starter and ground.

When the starter and battery were changed, were all the cable connectors properly cleaned and replaced wrench tight?

You could try to boost start the engine by using a quality set of jumper cables.

Disconnect the neg and pos cables at the battery and hook up the proper jumper clamps to the battery.

Connect the POS (+) cable to the starter solenoid connection and the cable ground (-) to the engine. (Somewhere that is clean and away from the fuel system)

If it turns over and starts now, you’ll need to replace (possibly) one or both battery cables.

If this proves to be all ok but it still has a fault, looking and diagnosing a possible ignition problem may be in the works.

Just don’t start throwing parts at it in hopes of finding a cure as this can get VERY expensive needlessly.

Everything was cleaned and tightend and we also tried hooking up direclty to the starter as well but still nothing. Do u think it is possible that my timing chain might have broke and is jammed.

You hooked WHAT directly to the starter? The large power cable to the large stud on the starter? Or, did you jumper the solenoid directly?
The ignition switch sends power (12 volts) to the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid, then, makes the contacts come together to allow power from the large battery cable to go through the starter motor, and crank the engine. If there is a bad switch, or connection, from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid, the voltage will be too low to engage the starter solenoid, and the solenoid will just click.
How to fix: check the voltage from the ignition switch, through any other switches and connections, to the starter solenoid. Any place where the voltage drops, you need to examine more closely. A multimeter and the electrical wiring diagrams are highly desireable for troubleshooting this.
There is a starter interrupt relay between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid. You could consider putting a jumper across the relay.

ARRRGH! I just answered you not a minute ago, hit submit anf POOF!

No I do not think the timing chain broke and jammed as you likely would NOT be able to turn the engine over.

Timing chains UNLIKE timing belts normally last the life of the vehicle or engine.

What can happen is the nylon timing gear teeth may get worn and allow the chain to jump to the next tooth causing the timming to go off.

Check to make sure the proper amount of starter shims were used when the new starter was installed.


I humbly appologize if I suggested a wrong move.

Hellokit is a tech and obviously knows more about this than I do.

Pull the plugs and check for hydrolock-Kevin

I didn’t want to think about a hydro-locked engine. When you try to start the engine, is there a click, or is it a clunk, from the starter?
If there is a clunk, put a wrench on the crankshaft bolt and try to turn the engine. If the engine won’t turn, it might be bound by the starter, or (less likely) a hydro-locked engine.
My reference wiring diagram, for the starting circuitry, is available through my public library Web site at ARRC (Automotive Reference Research Center). Your local public library might have a subscription to ARRC so that you could refer to the wiring diagrams for the starting circuits (and others).