Engine won't shut off!



Chrysler Town and Country, 1999, 105K

Current problem: No check engine light, engine starts fine, runs fine, but the engine won’t shut off even when you remove the key! I didn’t notice any click or anything when I removed the key. Is it a bad key switch?

History (within the past 2 weeks):

It was very cold on Christmas night here. The alarm went off out of the blue. Noticed there was water on top of the battery, dried that off. Saw some corrosion on battery terminals, cleaned that.

Got intermittent check engine light. It read P1495, which was the last code I got. The problem was actually fixed the previous month. After cleaning the battery and clearing the code, so far it hasn’t returned.

Yesterday, it was raining. Alarm went off again. Saw the top of battery wet again. Found out the source of leak (a rubber seal dripping water on top of the battery). Fixed that today. Put the battery cables back. Tried the engine. Worked fine. But now it won’t shut off! I had to remove the fuel pump relay to shut it off.

Obviously, I have an electrical problem here. Where should I start chasing this? I won’t do this myself, will take it to the garage first thing next Monday. Just hope to get some ideas here.



My guess is the ignition lock.