Engine shut off during driving (1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

Recently I had a rebuilt(70k)engine installed and the garage went bankruptcy. I have put 300 miles on it. Last night driving it the engine shut off on the highway. It sat for 5/10 mins. and would start up again. Would run for 10 miles the shut off again. Any Ideas?

I would check the crank sensor along with the power to the ignition system. I think the crank sensors on these cars were intermittent. Make sure power is getting to the ignition when the trouble happens.

How do I do this? I got it to Advanced Auto and they did a diagnosed test. The code came back P1494

The code P1494 stands for “Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault”. I’m not sure what that refers to unless it is for the fuel system. I doubt it has to with the trouble you are having.

You need to see if the plugs are firing when this problem happens. There are a number of ways to do that. You could carry some starter fluid with you and spray some into the intake when the trouble happens. If the engine still doesn’t start then the ignition system is most likely not working. It would also be good to know that power is getting to the ignition while the trouble is happening. You might have a shop install a small light to the power connection so you can easily monitor it.