Engine won't rev up?


My 94 honda civic broke down this morning while I was driving … I was going around a curve and I pressed on the gas. The Engine would not rev and a couple of lights came on… it was as if the car had stalled, but the electricity still worked. Is it possible that I need a new transmission or did the engine lock up?


What lights came on?


I think it was the oil and engine at the same time… just for a second. The car has been burning oil for the past few years. I try to keep it level, but some times it gets low before I catch it.


So what is the car doing right now?
Not running, starter will not turn the engine over, etc.?
Your post makes it sound as though the engine will idle but no rev.


The electricity seems to work (radio, etc.) it turns but the engine does not catch.


I suspect the timing belt has slipped. Have someone remove the distributor cap, and an assistant to crank the engine while s/he observes the distributor rotor. If the distributor rotor does not turn, the timing belt is slipping. If so, call a mechanic.


I think the first step should be checking the distributor. Sounds to me like the rotor screw might have backed out and now the rotor’s spinning freely in there - - no spark = no start. And you might wanna check that fairly quickly because backed out rotor screws have a nasty habit of getting knocked around in there and tearing the hell out of everything inside. . .and that’s expensive :wink:

Could also be a failed ignitor or coil, which, if I recall, at least on some of the avail. engines for the 94, was inside the distro as well (bad design).