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95 Civic lossed power

My 95 civic lossed all power slowly while doin 70mph on the freeway in 5th gear and wouldnt accelerate no mattaer how much gas i gave it. My battery lihht came on at the same time. I just put a new engine, transmission, distributor, engine mounts. Does any one know where i should start lookin for a problem first.

I do all the work on my car. I turned it to the on position to see if the fuel pump is runnin and even losened the fuel filter bolt and it is gettin fuel there.

What are the volts on your battery, before starting and at idle?

Wont start again.

How old is the battery?

Idk i think its only about 6y/o

Get a new battery.

Ok thanks

Will post if it works

Just to clarify, by not starting do you mean the starter motor will not physically crank the engine over or do you mean the starter rotates the engine but it will not start, cough, sputter, etc?

If the latter, have you checked and verified that there is sufficient fuel pressure and a spark?

Not sure hoe to check for spark. And i dont have the means to check the fuel pressure yet.

Also before i killed what i had left in my batery it would try and turn over the engine but not start.

It wouldnt even caugh

The front of your engine is on the drivers side I believe, so turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or jack up the car and remove the RF wheel. There is a little reverse daisy on the inner plastic fender that you can stick an extension bar through. Use it to stick an extension with the appropriate sized socket for the crank pulley nut (19mm IIRC) and breaker bar to see if you can manually turn the engine CCW.

If it wont turn or is very difficult to turn, you have a mechanical problem inside the new engine. My guess would be a broken ring but there are a lot of other possibilities.

“… turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or jack up the car and remove the RF wheel.”

He meant, "… turn the steering wheel all the way to the left or jack up the car and remove the LF [left-front (driver’s side)] wheel.

Any chance of using Spellcheck on this thread?

insightful, you are correct. Thank you. My bad, brain fart.