Honda Civic 1995 won't start




My 95 Honda Civic (75K, 4 owners) started with uneven acceleration and random stalls at low speeds. I replaced plugs, checked air filter. Problem seemed to stop. It started missing, then stalling at high speeds as well. I replaced the fuel filter and eventually had the distributor replaced. It rode well for awhile, but then it stalled at idle. It would restart. Now it will crank, but will not start.

It’s a manual, and I could not jump it.

The check engine light does not come on when I turn the key to start it, but I can hear what I thought was the fuel pump.


If the check engine light does not come on when you turn the key to “ON” the bulb may be burned out, or one of the previous owner’s removed it.

I suggest the CEL should be on, and that there are diagnostic codes stored in the computer. Take the car to someone who can read the codes (parts store, mechanic, etc) and see what the codes tell you.

Throwing parts at the car is unlikely to fix the problem.


I’m well aware of what error codes are. Obviously, I wouldn’t be asking a website for an opinion if a mechanic had gotten an answer about what was wrong from the car from its computer.
Clearly you don’t know about the common main relay problem in Hondas either. Not to mention, I don’t usually throw parts at the car, I install them.


You won’t get very far on this site getting snippy.

If you were so smart you’d be able to say in your post whether your no start condition was from spark or from fuel. There are easy ways to find out. I’d tell you but I’ll bet you’re “well aware.”

And computer error codes can’t tell you what is wrong. They point to systems for diagnosis.

And nothing in your post is “obvious” - for example, it isn’t obvious that you’ve been to a mechanic. Nor is it obvious that you or anyone else tried to pull any codes.

And you already apparently have some idea about the main relay so have you investigated it? You didn’t mention it in your initial post. What makes you mention it as a non sequitur in that post?

You show up, post some minimal info about a no start and then get nasty (at a regular board contributor I might add) when someone makes a suggestion? The fact that your CEL light is apparently burned out or gone is not irrelevant and you do give the appearance of guessing - though I’d not say that things like plugs and filters are bad things either way.