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Car will not start

have a 94 civic ex and over the past week or two i have noticed that when i turn the car over to start it it cranks week but is enough to start it now it will not start at all no crank or nothing but all the dash lights turn on like they do when the car starts up i checked the battery and it is up to charge also attached another battery and still would not turn over. so would this be the starter that has went or more like a solenoid?

did you check the battery for voltage or for current capacity? My be is voltage. The battery can have full voltage but still have low charge. Also, clean the posts and terminal lugs and try again. On some cars, if the alternator/voltage regulator is shot, the battery will not run the engine, and cranking will draw down the battery. the lights draw a lot less current than the starter, but you need to have the starter checked too.

also the battery and alternator are only about 2 years old

just because parts are new does not mean they are not defective.

well i just cleaned the terminals and taped the side of the started with a wrench and it started so i think it could be the starter going