Engine Vibrates Climbing a Hill

I have an Acura Legend 1991 with 178K. Lately I noticed the engine vibrates while climbing a hill. I changed my plugs- Platinum and my wires looked good. While looking for a cause, I also found the booth of the left CV joint is torn.

Any idea what could be causing this vibration on a hill?

It could be engine stumble caused by fuel starvation. This could be caused by a clogged fuel filter or a failing fuel pump.

yes if each cyl has a spark coil one is bad. you had a miss under torue but on the level 5 cyl will do the job.

At 178K miles, the possibilities are numerous. You say, “Wires look good.” That doesn’t mean the ARE good. Test them!

Worn engine mounts come to mind. They might cause your problem. The torn CV boot, and it’s correspondingly worn out CV joint, could easily be the cause.