Lost hope

my car just rolled over 100000.00.i put new fuel pump on around 800000.00.it has a 3.3 6 cyl.when im driving sometimes when i am going up hill it misses and shakes like it wants to die.what causes this coil or plugs or wires or what?

Going uphill or downhill should not effect anything electrical on the car. Sounds like fuel to me.

Make, Model, Model-Year ?

Is a check engine light on? Is this symptom worse when it’s raining or very humid? Do you think the engine is mis-firing or is it coming from the transmission? What happens if you downshift (out of overdrive)?

How old are the spark plugs and wires?

A fuel delivery problem can cause that kind of thing going up a hill and so can bad plug wires. Did you replace the fuel filter when you replaced the pump? Even if you did I suggest you replace it again as a first step to correct this trouble.

Is this still the same stuff as reported in your other 2 (or maybe more) posts?


Pick a thread and stay with it. Answer questions when asked. Report back when you try/do things. Otherwise you just keep posting the same vague stuff and getting vague info in return.

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