94 Acura Legend shaking!


I have 94 Acura Legend that shakes quite a bit at low speeds and engine idle. If I am driving above 30 mph or so it stops. But if the engine is running and the car is in Park there is no shake. What might be some causes of this?


Can you tell us a bit more about mileage and maintenance history?

Sounds like it may just need a good tuneup.


Also, how long has the Check Engine Light been illuminated?


It has about 106k miles. I have hardly driven it the past 1 year or so. I have generally done all my work at the dealership. No major problems


Check Engine light is not on


what has happened lately to the car???

any big bumps, any collisions, any repair work?

how long since last tuneup?

you have to give a little more info to get any reasonable response.