Engine timing, 2000yr

replaced the timing belt. since then the vehicles timing has been off,slightly. Can the top crank pulley be manipulated for TDC separate from the bottom crank pulley to get TDC

All I can tell you is to follow the manfacturer info.

Thanks for the pic.

There is only one crank pulley. There are 2 camshaft pulleys. The timing must be exactly as specified or the engine will idle and perform poorly. If it is drivable you got things close but you don’t get the cigar yet. Go back and re-time the belt and use a straight edge across the camshaft pulleys from timing mark to timing mark and through the centers of the camshafts to confirm they are correct while the crankshaft is dead on the TDC mark after releasing the tensioner plunger and turning the crankshaft 2 full turns clockwise.

Please excuse me. Is a 2000 Elantra SOHC? Or possibly the cams are internally geared.

My info shows this.

For other readers (as it is too late in your case) if you do not have all the “ins and outs” about valve timing (and in some cases the interconnected ignition timing) down 100%, you should stay away from timing belt jobs.

Thanks for the input. When changing the timing belt the top camshaft pulley moved a just a bit on its own when the old belt was removed. I thought it would be ok. I have noticed a difference in the gas mileage. So to recenter the top camshaft pulley if by chance it is off is to turn it clockwise until it lines up?