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Engine Swap 3.8/5.0 H.O

I own a 2000 Ford mustang 3.8 l v6 manual transmission I possibly have the chance to purchase a 5.0 h.o out of a 88 foxbody thing is motor only no drivetrain so my question is will my 3.8 tranny bolt up to the 5.0 if I change the bell housing I was told it could be done but it was by a so called professional back yard mechanic than can change the spark plug in a push mower so I’m looking for information pertaining to this engine swap

You’ll have major problems making an '88 engine work in a 2000 car. An electronics/computer/sensor nightmare.


Of course it can be done , all it takes is a lot of money . And you really won’t gain anything in performance . Take the money and upgrade by finding a V8 equipped later Mustang.

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Both the Fox body 5.0 Mustangs and the V6 New Edge Mustangs used the same T-5 manual. If that’s what you’re asking. I want to say the bellhousings are the same between Essex and Windsor engines as well.

Keep in mind there is a V6 T5 transmission with a tall 1st gear that a 5.0 V8 can break. Yes it is a T5 but not exactly the same T5.

If the car must pass an emissions test, you will never got it to pass without all of the V8 wiring and computers and fuel injection parts to run the engine. If you don’t have inspections, you may be able to make the engine work but expect a lot of wiring and computer work even if you choose to install a carburetor instead.

You might go to a parts house website (AutoZone for example) and pull up transmissions and so on for the different models. Compare the part numbers. I’d be willing to bet there will be differences.

The one plus in this is that if the 5.0 comes with the complete harness/ECU and so on it will be easy to install. Hot wire, ground wire, switched hot wire for memory and done.
There is going to be a number of mods to be made though. Fuel lines, throttle linkage, exhaust, etc.

As mentioned, emissions testing will be a problem if you have to go through this.