Engine stops

Hi. I have a 1998 Honda accord with 4 cyl. engine. Recently, the engine would stop at then end of the first block after 8 hours or longer of parking. I am very light on the gas peddal. I generally release the gas and let it roll for a couple of seconds before applying the brakes at the stop sign and during the time, the engine seem to throttle a bit then stops. After a restart and applying gas, it seem fine. Can anyone tell me what can be wrong with it?

I would start by cleaning the throttle body and IACV (Intake Air Control Valve).

Ubfortunately, on a 14 year old 4-banger of high mileage (? What IS the mileage?), there are a multitude of possibilities. They range from a weak ignition system, (when was your last full tuneup?) to a dying fuel pump, to en erratic component (such as the igniter or even a main relay or a crank osition sensor), and even include an engine that just plain doesn’t have enough compression left to reliably keep itself running while tring to pull a car along.

I think someone knowledgable is going to have to (1) evaluate the overall condition of the engin and (2) determine some specfic repair needs. They’ll need to check the ignition system (probably with a scope), check the engine compression, and perhaps check fuel line pressure.

Bottom line: this one needs a hands-on look-see.

I start with the cleaning as suggested.

This car currently has approx. 128000 miles on it and the last full tuneup was 2 years ago. It runs fine and gets about 33 miles/gal consistently. The issue only shows on the first 5 minutes of driving. Thats is why is so hard for me to show it to a mechanic. By the time I get it to him, the problem does not manifest.

Thanks for the suggestion.

The problem maybe with the TCC circuit in your transmission. This is the torque converter lockup circuit. Check your transmission fluid for proper level and a cherry red color. If it has even a brown tinge to it, or its low or you haven’t had the fluid drained and refilled in the last 30k miles, then do or have this done.

The new Honda ATF is a synthetic and helps with the cold shift problems Honda AT have a history with. A simple drain and refill only gets about 40% of the fluid, but that is usually enough. If the fluid is severely discolored, the mechanic (or you) can, with the front wheels off the ground, start the engine, put it in gear, slowly run up the speed until it has shifted into high gear and the torque converter is locked, then gently brake to zero, put in park and shut down and do another drain and refill.

Do not let anyone flush this transmission. A fluid exchange machine may be ok, but I don’t think they are necessary, but a flush machine can damage a Honda transmission. There is a warning in the service manual about this.

Throttle box cleaning did the trick. Thanks guys.