Engine stops while idling shows battery and oil indicator

Hello everyone,

I have Ford Mondeo benzine automatic vehicle, the problem is engine gets stalled while slowing down and when speeds lowered while turning in circle. Once engine stops and shows me oil and battery indicator. I took the vehicle to garage tried replacing ignition but the problem gets worsened but now it’s in same state after changing my old Ignition set.

Any help is appreciated to solve the problem.
Sunil Kirangi

What year? What engine? How many km on it?

The oil and engine lights will always come on when the engine stalls… that is normal.

Why did the shop change the ignition? And what exactly did they change?

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A faulty crankshaft position sensor can cause the engine to stall.

A dirty throttle body if it’s electronic can cause stalling.

If it’s a mechanical throttle body, a dirty/defective idle air control motor can cause stalling.



It’s Mondeo 2004 MK3 model.
I have not shopped the ignition but it was recommended from mechanic but it was not fruitful, he just changed the Ignition supply and cleaned the spark plug… after that also the problem remained

Thank you tester,
Yes as you mentioned it could either of these problem crankshaft sensor which may or dirty throttle problem which I am going to clean it now

If it’s an electronic throttle body, here’s how to clean it.



Today morning i have was using my car and it went perfectly fine.

What i noticed this problem comes when the engine warms and i will try all the possibilities, changing the krankshaft sensor, throttle cleaning both as well.

Sunil Kirangi