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2010 F150 died while idling

It was a chilly morning for North Texas, in low 20’s this morning. I started my truck in the driveway driveway, as I do any morning when it cold out, then retreated back the house to grab my coffee before hitting the road to work. This morning was different, the engine had stalled out but the battery still had the lights and radio on. Any thoughts on this aside from the usual guesses of cylinder, fuel pump and purge valve?

So, truck restarted fine?

You could try cleaning the idle air control valve:

No, the truck did not restart.

The crank angle sensor may have bit the dust, which will cause the engine to stop running and won’t restart. Check for spark when cranking the engine. If no spark, the crank angle sensor is one suspect.

If you do have spark, then check fuel pressure. Also, see if you can hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds when you turn the key to “run” before cranking.

Bad fuel pump on 2010? Fords are built better than that