99 Civic Stalling

Car stalls after idling 20 minutes +/-. Restarts immediately after stall. Car stalls

every 10 minutes or so when driven. Restarts

after 10 minutes +/-. No error codes found.

Distributor and ignition cables replaced.

How’s the fuel pressure? When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced? Spark plugs?

First thing to do is determine whether it’s spark or fuel. On who’s advice was the distributor replaced?

When driving does it just stall any any old time? Or is this just a stalling at idle thing? If you let it idle for 20 mins and it goes to stalling will it continue to run if you give it a little bit of throttle?

Does it stall while you are driving, or only while it is stopped and idling?

Plugs and distributor replaced same time.
A friend experienced the very same symptoms.
Checked for fuel at the injector rail after it stalled thinking if it were a fuel issue
the line would be dry but fuel is present.

Stalls intermittently. However it has been stalling more frequently as time goes on.
Has stalled at freeway and surface road speeds. Will restart.

"the line would be dry but fuel is present."

  • ???

The only way to check fuel pressure is with a fuel pressure gauge. Now would be a good time to put one on it.

Gave the engine a hard German stare. It did not stall after 1 hour of idle. Switched of
restarted and Engine light came on. Road tested no stall. Road tested this am no stall.
Code retrieved is Fuel Trim??? SRS light stays on also.

I have a very similar problem on a 99 civic. Everything I can find on this points to a. main relay ($50.00, or you can try to do a repair), or the ignition switch (apparently a recall item). I am going to replace the main relay today, and see about having the ignition switch replaced w/ my local honda store.

I will update post if this works!