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98 Honda Civic Stalling Problem

Since December, my daughter’s Civic’s engine has periodically quit - I mean, just quit. There’s no shudder, no warning lights on coming on - it just quits. It’s been tuned-up (plugs, dist cap, & rotor). It has a new ignition switch, and a dealer repair shop even switched-out the car’s computer - all to no avail. BTW, upon stalling, the engine cranks but does not fire. Then, after 10-15 minutes, it fires rught-up. Also - it leaves no maintenance codes for checking. Your suggestions are appreciated.

FOLLOW-UP COMMENT: Today she told me the car’s engine hesitated for an instant, with the “check engine” light illuminating briefly, only to resume normal running. It did this twice - once on the way to her job, and once on her way back to school. Also, at times when the lights are on, the dash lights, gear selector lights, and the headlights dim for a minute or two, then resume normal illumination. No hesitation is noticable from the engine, with no warning light illumination.

Hondas usually have this problem because of component(s) in the distributor. There are checks that can be performed. The checks are mainly on the pickup coil, igniter. Both, are inside the distributor. To have a “bite of the apple” (gain greater knowledge), go to this Web site and “eat”: Click on it.

Sounds like a distributor problem to me, too.