1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Stalling mystery

I have been having an on going issue with my 1990 Oldsmobile.
It will randomly stall while I am driving. It has happened while driving at speeds ranging from 25 to 50 mph. It always happens while I am driving, not while I am stopped.
First I will feel the engine buck, and then the check engine light comes on. After this, I have about 10 seconds until the car completely stalls out and I have to pull over and attempt to restart. Sometimes it will restart immediately, other times it takes a few minutes. Sometimes when it restarts, the engine will “roar” as if I were pushing the gas down while in park. Sometimes when I get it to restart, I can continue driving and it will not happen again, but other times it will happen continuously. This has been going on for about 6 months. I have brought it to the shop several times. My mechanic had to drive it around for awhile before it would occur again and he could understand what was going on. I have had the thermostat, alternator, and throttle replaced. After getting all this work done, the problem did not occur for several months…until today. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on? I clearly do not know much about cars, so I hope this explanation is somewhat informative.

I should mention: prior to getting the throttle repaired, before it stalled the car would accelerate without me pushing the gas. Today when it stalled, this did not seem to happen.

If the Check Engine light came on, then the computer has stored a code.

To pull the codes from your OBDI GM vehicle and the code definitions click here. http://www.extreme-check-engine-light-codes.com/check-engine-light-codes/GM-1983-1995-OBD1-Decoder.html

That’s where I’d start.


I had the thermostat repaired because the engine was not warming up to the proper temperature.

@KaraK has the fuel pressure been tested?

Has the ignition system been checked out?