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Engine squeels when accelerating only when first starting car

Hi there,

I have a 2008 Saturn Astra and there is a high pitched squeeling sound when i accelerate from a stop. It has been happening since last year but seems to have gotten worse. It only happens in the summer time. It squeels only when accelerating at low speeds. if I accelerate quickly the sound goes away. but will come back if i come to a stop and accelerate normally again. It doesnt start from 0 RPMs but only at low rpm. It only happens when I first turn on the car and accelerate. If i have been driving for a few minutes and then accelerate from a stop it doesn’t make any unusual sound. It happens in reverse as well as drive.
Any ideas or advice would be appreciated!

Chances are very high that you need a new serpentine belt.

Have all the other pulleys checked for being worn out when replacing the belt.


Agree with above, it is most likely the belt, now when changing it someone has to check the tensioner. I am not familiar with the set up on this car but they are all very similar and usually an easy DIY if you wish to go that route.

Eddo, Galant, you both read my thoughts. I’d bet lunch that this priceless 2008’s tensioner is due for replacement along with the belt.

I agree with the others. Replace the serpentine belt and tensioner. I would replace the idler pulley as well.