Car Sound

My car is making a screeching sound when it first starts, but as soon as i drive, it goes away. It doesn't do it all the time, but when I accelerate it screeches really loud and then stops. I heard a bus make the same sound today. What the hell is this?

You did not give much information but it sure sounds like a loose or slipping belt. When was the last time you replaced or checked the serpentine belt on the engine?

I agree - sounds like a belt slipping. It slips when you start the car because it goes from not moving to moving. I think its a bit less typical for the belt to slip just due to acceleration. Typically belts slip when you put more strain on them. E.g., the belt that includes the power steering will slip when you turn the wheel all the way to one side or the other (highest stress). My completely uneducated opinion would be that the slippage during acceleration probably indicates that this belt is much looser than you want.