Engine sound


My wife’s 2003 Escape makes a “clicking” sound in the engine when running. In the old days, we would say that sound was caused by the “tappets”.

I don’t know what “tappets” are any more, but it seemed as if it had something to do with the oil level or the need to tighten something in the engine.

The engine oil level is fine and is changed regularly.

Any thoughts, “fixes”, concerns, etc. would be appreciated.

Thanks, HZ


Ford has determined that a problem exists. Here is the TSB that explains the repair procedure. Hope it helps.


The secondary ignition system in your vehicle is a COP or Coil-Over-Plug type ignition system.

In this type of ignition system, each sparkplug has its own coil. It’s the connection between the coils and plugs that may become corroded and cause a high resitance. When this happens, the high voltage that was supposed to go to the end of sparkplug seeks a closer ground. And this can be the engine block. This can cause a snapping or clicking noise each time a sparkplug fires.

Have the secondary ignition system check checked out to make sure there’s not a problem with the connections between the sparkplugs and coils.



If it is a light clicking, it may be the noise of the fuel injectors working. You can hear some of them.