Loud Clicking Noise Coming From Engine

I have a loud clicking noise coming from my engine and i don’t know what it is. It happens when the car gets hot. I repaced the thermostat changed the oil flushed the radiator and still am having this problem. It all stated about a week ago when my car overheated and its been doing this ever since. It has also stalled twice on me and sometimes i have to put my foot on the gas to get it started.

"It all started about a week ago when my car overheated . . . "

“It happens when the car gets hot.”

You’ll have to explain the “overheated” a bit more before we can be of much help.

You don’t say what car or engine but some smaller engines run very hot and with old engine oil tend to make noise on the top of the engine. Keep up with oil changes and see if that doesn’t help with the clicking noises.

Any check engine light on?

With the ticking you have to entertain the possibility that the overheating did some damage.