Engine smoke


i have a 96 dodge caravan with 3.0L v-6 it has about 84,000 miles on it. when i got it it was ticking from the valves. the first shop said it might be sticky vavle so they changed oil from synthic to regular oil and then added sea foam. well that didn’t work to to dealer ship and changed lash adjusters. then i noticed that it was smoking. what do you think is the reason for the smoking and should be fixed?


Color of the smoke? How much oil does it consume? Does it smoke more in the morning?


Ant to add to Joe’s list of questions, is it smoking from the tailpipe or somewhere on the engine itself? And if from the engine, where. It could be a little oil spilled over from the lash adjustment and is smoking from hot spots. If so, that may go away. If not, then the shop should have replaced the valve cover gaskets.