Smokes upon startup, but not while running


I have a 98 Avalon (175k miles). When I start the car, it smokes out the tailpipe. After a minute it stops. It only smokes after sitting for a while. If I turn the car off and an hour later I start it back up, no smoke. A few weeks ago, I put in 10w30 instead of 5w30 by accident. A week later I had an oil change and put in 5w30 at a dealer. A few weeks later I noticed that my oil was very low. I assumed the dealer put in the oil?? I do not notice any oil leaks on my driveway…


It sounds to me like the classic symptoms of worn valve guide seals. You might want to get an estimate of what this job will cost, but I suspect that after you get that estimate, you will decide to just keep adding oil, rather than getting it repaired.


Yeah, VCD got it. I second.



Thanks. I am assuming it would cost $500-$1k to fix?
If so, and I don’t fix it, just keep adding oil, is there any long term problems
by not fixing it? I would like to keep this car at least until 250k miles…++


While I agree with the prior two comments, could you tell us what color the smoke was? Black, blue or white?


blue smoke??? never seen that!!! lol


You mentioned that your oil was low right after shutting down. This make me think you have a stopped up drain passage back to the crankcase. This causes to oil to build up and flood the valves and then burning the oil. I found this on many engines but I don’t know what an Avalon is. A remedy is to take a length of stiff cable like an old hand brake cable and cut off a 12 inch length to fir an electric drill. You can rod out the passage with this setup. LEE


did it start smoking before or after the oil change???


White smoke. It started smoking right after I put in 10W30. I then had an oil change at a dealer. A week later, I checked the oil and it was empty. I assume the dealer actually did put in oil…
I then put in 3 quarts 5W30. It only smokes after sitting for over an hour or two. If I drive it and then turn off the engine and then start the engine anywhere from immediate to an hour --no smoke.

Once again, I do not notice any oil leaks on my driveway.

Thanks everyone.


how much 10 did u put in???


2 quarts